Barbara Lüneburg

Barbara Lüneburg developed Slices of Life (2016/17) in the framework of TransCoding. Its topic is identity and the many facets identity can take on. We investigated, if people can be encouraged via social media to contribute to a multimedia artwork and what this does to art, artist and contributors. Images, texts, and sounds for the show are to great parts contributions of TransCoding1s community who were inspired to get creative for the project. Contributors from Cuba, Spain, Canada, Croatia, USA, Austria, Philippines, Armenia, Russia, England, Poland, Bulgaria, New Zeeland, Germany, Romania, France are: Louis Aguirre, Victor Barceló, Julien Charest, Gloria Guns, Anthony Green, Camilla Hoitenga, Olivia Kieffer, LIA, Feliz Anne Macahis, Katarina Michelitsch, Anahit Mugnetsyan, Alina Murzakhanova, Paul Norman, Heghine Ohanyan, Mikolaj Pociecha, Alexandra Radoulova, Hali Rey, Damian Stewart, Felix Christian Thiessen, Sabina Ulubeanu, Isabelle Vigier, Michael Wolters, Susanne Wosnitzka and students of Music University Graz .

Dr. Barbara Lüneburg is a performing artist of international reputation in the fields of contemporary music, violin, viola and multimedia. She has had appearances at festivals and con- cert series across Europe, the USA, Asia and New Zealand. She holds a professorship for En- semble and digital Performance1 at Music University Trossingen (Germany) and works as re- searcher at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.

Lüneburg’s arts-based research focuses on the creative potential of performance practice in new music with an emphasis on collaboration, creativity, performer-audience relations and charisma. She explores theories from media sciences, music sociology, psychology and creativity research for their uses in arts practice. In her artistic research project TransCoding- From ‘Highbrow Art’ to Participatory Culture she investigates participatory art and its poten- tial to engage a young audience via social media in the new arts by involving them in the cre- ation of the multimedia show Slices of Life.

WHEN? Thursday, 30th august, 19:00 hours
WHERE? Cinema Elvire Popesco

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