Daniel Formo

The Orchestra of Speech” was developed as part of an artistic research project exploring speech as musical material for improvisation. For this purpose, an instrument-like software system has been developed, allowing real time ‘orchestration’ and manipulation of speech derived musical structures such as rhythms, melodies, tempo, formants etc. Speech recordings are organized as corpora of different speech genres, allowing selection based on musical properties. It can also interact using Markov models to generate new sequences in response to queries from live sound input, as a sort of improvisational Dadaist speech recognition system reacting only to intonation and musical properties of speech. The performance setup consists of an array of transducers mounted on acoustic instruments, resulting in an electroacoustic orchestraexploring the border space between acoustic and electric, voice and instrument, speech and music, and between semantic and musical meanings.

WHEN? Saturday, 1st of september, 19:30 hours
WHERE? Teatrul Apollo 111

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